Advertising inserts ?.

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Advertising inserts ?.

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I created my small company at the end of 2015 and I got bamboozled by an advertising space company. I found an arrangement with them which still cost me a few tickets. After much discussion, the financial manager sends me a final termination of the contract.

A year later, I am contacted by another person from this company who tells me that my contract is normally renewed tacitly and that I owe them money and blah blah blah. I oppose them that a definitively closed contract is not tacitly renewed. The guy gave up.

Tonight, a call from another guy who takes me down and tells me that the post is indeed terminated, but that I owe them two years of advertising space and that if I do not pay quickly I owe them the third. year also. You have to pay the first two years to be able to close ... And that if I do not want to find a conciliation, he will make me pay the full price to the last penny, more than 30,000 Euros anyway ...

In the meantime , I had reported this incident to the DDPP and I recently received a letter from the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris inviting me to go to court to be heard as a victim of this company and to file a civil suit. .

How is it possible that these people continue to demand such sums, to be threatening while they are in the course of legal proceedings? P

I guess they can't do anything against me, but it really hurts me to have this stuff happening to me.

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Re: Advertising inserts ?.

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Décidément, vous n'avez pas de chance :lol: :lol: :lol:
D'autant que cette fois-ci, j'ai la flemme de jouer les traducteurs :mrgreen:
Donnez-nous le nom de la société avec laquelle vous êtes en litige, écrivez en français et nous serons peut-être en mesure de vous aider ...